As well as our standard chilling/heating units we also supply a wide range of optional extras which can be purchased to enhance our machine’s existing capabilities. Accessories are compatible with all units. All accessories come with a year’s guaranteeF.

Remote Control Panel

Often in laboratories and processing rooms , absolute silence is required. And as a Chiller units have a reputation of expelling high volumes of heat and noise, customers often to prefer to situate them elsewhere. To resolve this issue Betta-Tech devised a remote controlled panel which can be mounted near the equipment , to allow for the unit to be sited outside of the working vicinity

High Pump Pressure

It is highly recommended to purchase this accessory if you intend on using water cooling pipes that are less then 6mm bore. This pump also provides the option to factory set the pressure up to 5 bar.

Water Filter

We recommended this water filter for use with units that work with pressure pumps. This features a filter element of 49 microns

Digital Temperature Control

In certain industries such as medical and scientific , a high degree of accuracy is often require this is where our special digital P. I D control can help. Our machine can ensure temperature stability within 0.1 degree and can also be combined with an external PT100 temperature probe to provide even more precise measurements.

Choice of Cabinet Colours

Occasionally when using a chilling equipment in O .E .M situations you will require the chiller unit to be the same colour as the equipment . Should you require this option , please specify B.S or R.A.L when ordering

Rs232, Analogue or Digital Interface

This product was designed so that a special temperature controller can be fitted to a position and then remotely adjusted via a computer using a scaled ratio of 1 volt per 10 c.

Remote Temperature Probe

The remote probe can be externally mounted on equipment to allow for more accurate control , not only that it can be combined with the P.I D Temperature Controller to further enhance accuracy .

Programmable Temperature Probe

Often during Long-term testing there is a requirement for automatic temperature change at a precise time . We offer a programmable temperature controller , featuring 8 ramps and 8 dwells which are all full adjustable

Water Cooled Condenser

We have discovered that people are finding that their existing Air Cooler Condensers expect too much noise and heat .Betta-Tech listened to customer feedback and devised a water cooled condenser. Our improved product acts as a silencer, whilst also being more efficient than comparable air cooled Condensers , therefore minimising the amount and temperature of the heat being emitted.

Cfc Free Refrigerants

All units are now available to order without CFC R134A refrigerant, this should be requested when ordering

Water Level Alarm

The water level alarm will indicate to the user when the water level in the reservoir drops. The alarm also provides the facility to terminate power to the chiller if required.

Water Flow Switch with Alarm

This device operates by monitoring water flow and signalling to the user in the event that water flow stops. An external pair of contacts can also be supplied with the alarm to switch off the process.